The Hidden Empire Series



The Hidden Empire Series is a collection of travel adventures that take us back in time over 3000 years to the Monomotapa Empire. The Monomotapa Empire pronounced Mon-O-Mo-Tapa was a kingdom that existed in the continent we today call Africa. One of its great capital cities was Great Zimbabwe, which was the Southern Royal Court of the Lion Kings. The ruins of the capital city Great Zimbabwe can be still be found in the country that took its name from there - Zimbabwe.


When British Explorers started excavating archaeological sites in the Southern part of Africa, there were over 115,000 square miles estimated with ruins of many hidden cities, just waiting to be uncovered.

Our travel adventures will take us to Sofala, the Land of Gold and the original name for the ancient seat of the Monomotapa Empire. We'll discover the Frankincense Highway, where the many treasures of the Monomotapa Empire were traded and head up to East Africa, the Arabian Peninsula, India, China, Armenia and Europe. Lots of ground to cover! We'll also meet cool people, famous writers, travelers and of course kings and queens.

Be sure to pay special attention to the Monomotapa Empire's connection to the Christmas Story of the Holy Bible. We explore the stories of  the Magi, sometimes called the 3 Wise Men, actually 12 kings and prophets  who came from the East to visit the Savior of the World - Jesus Christ of Nazareth, more correctly called Yeshua (Yay-Shua) and brought Him frankincense, myrrh and gold.


Let's get to it!

Classroom Add

12 Modules

To take our travel adventures to the classroom, we've created a project-based learning curriculum that allows for in-depth exploration of the peoples, places and times of the Monomotapa Empire.


The lesson objectives are:

1) to prepare successful leaders within middle school, high school and college (Target Age 10-24 years) and all those young at heart.

2) Understand Biblical/Christian perspectives on leadership through the story of the legendary Saint George

3) Solve problems creatively

4) Develop a foundational sense of Self-Confidence

5) Learn about the little known history of Classical Ethiopian and African Global History.

The Musical Adventures of Saint George



Go treasure hunting on Butterfly Island. Uncover the mysteries of Gingerbread Forest and the ancient churches of Lalibela. Face a ferocious dragon in an underground cave. Go deep-sea fishing with a famous pop star...Get lost in Rome, the City of Seven Hills. Learn what it takes to be a true hero.


The Musical Adventures of Saint George is a 6-volume biography and travel journal series exploring the life, the times, the places and people of one of the greatest musicians and world heroes of all time - Le Chevalier de Saint George (The Knight of Saint Geoge).


Le Chevalier de Saint George, also known as Joseph de Bologne was born on the beautiful Caribbean Butterfly Island of Guadeloupe. He lived an amazing life and grew up to be a super-athlete, a musical genius, a pop star and a dashing military hero.


We'll follow in his footsteps to discover his beautiful, inspiring music along with his African heritages that span Africa, the Middle East, Europe and the Americas.


His is a story proving true the Ancient Egyptian wisdom...


"The Kingdom of Heaven is within you, and when you know yourself,

you'll find it."