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Enfleurage - New York City

The second book in "The Hidden Empire" series is called "The Frankincense Road." Coming soon, we take a look at the ancient Frankincense Road that started in East Africa and the Middle East going all the way to China, India and of course Europe. Actually one of its most important starting points was in Sofala, the Land of Gold, where the ancient capital of the Monomotapa Empire - Great Zimbabwe was located.

Omani Frankincense

People would come from near and far to get the gold of Sofala/Zimbabwe and then sail up the Indian Ocean to the Eritrean Sea, stopping in Kilwa, in today's Tanzania with the intention of getting to today's Yemen and Oman. Only a couple of hundred years ago, the regions of Yemen and Oman were known as Happy Arabia and many peoples lived there of many different faiths. It was Happy Arabia because of the wonderful smells that when people would visit - of the frankincense trees.

Enfleurage New York

Frankincense is an amazing tree and a world heritage we all need to work hard to preserve. It's healing - you can put in bubble baths; it's great for skincare; for overall health, antiseptic. Plethora of health and beauty benefits! It's a treasure and Omani Frankincense really has an amazing scent. Enfleurage has a distillery in Oman that produces Omani Frankincense and a delightful range of oils to explore:

  • Enfleurage New York City

  • Frankincense Ice Cream - one of the owners is famous for her frankincense ice cream and yes you can even eat frankincense. The most rare kind - the green one is delish and you can infuse it in water or drink it as a tea


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